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New Patients at Moore Chiropractic Group

Your First Visit


You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

Walking in the door you will be greeted by the office staff and asked to complete the intake paperwork completely to give Aurora chiropractor, Dr. Moore a good start in getting to know you and the condition you are currently experiencing – the more you can explain to him the more accurate his diagnosis can be and the more he can help you!

Consultation & Examination

Dr. Moore will take a few minutes to review what you have written and then take you to a consultation room to review in detail every component. And word from the wise… he asks every new patient, “What makes your body work?”

Please be prepared to describe, in detail, the current health complaint and any other current or previous complaints. Things that happened in the past can play a large part in current conditions! Once both yourself and Dr. Moore are satisfied that the nature of the problem is well understood Dr. Moore will complete a thorough examination and determine if EMG / Thermgraphic scans or spinal images are necessary. He may also deem a GaitScan would be beneficial.

Special Doctor’s Report

Once Dr. Moore feels he has everything he needs at the moment to create a solution for you he will bring you back to the front desk and they will help you to schedule your Report of Findings and Doctor’s Report. Should your spouse be involved in any of your decisions they will be encouraged to attend this very special report for three reasons:

  • 1. to understand the journey to health you are embarking
  • 2. to support you in the journey and ask any questions that you may not think about.
  • 3. to assist in any financial decisions that emerge

For the first visit please allow approximately 1 hour.

Your Second Visit : Report of Findings

During the Report of Findings and Doctor’s Report Dr. Moore will help you to understand how the body works and why you are experiencing the symptoms you are. He will show you any spinal images that were taken and explain any scans that were performed. The goal is to make sure you fully understand why you are experiencing the symptoms you are, and how your body can be corrected to eliminate the symptoms but also change the structure to ensure a long term solution.

Recommendations for Care

Dr. Moore will also give you his best recommendations for care. It is your choice whether to accept them or not. If you decide to start care Dr. Moore will lightly adjust you right after this visit to get you started and your future appointment times will be scheduled. Please come prepared with your schedule or day-timer!

Due to the nature of this visit, the explanations that will occur, and the care decisions that will be made, it is our office policy that your spouse or significant other attend this visit so they will also fully understand what is going on, be there to ask questions you may not have thought of and to support you in making these important care decisions.

Please note, depending on Dr. Moore’s availability, this visit may be split into two parts. The complete visit takes approximately one hour or two half hour visits.

Questions? Concerns? Give our Aurora chiropractic office a call and put your mind at ease.

New Patients at Moore Chiropractic Group | (905) 727-1817

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