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About Moore Chiropractic Group

Our clinic was established in this store front location at the corner of Yonge and Edward in 1980. Dr. Moore had recently graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and had established a clinic in his hometown of Thornhill, but was looking for a place to buy a house and allow his family to grow, as well as an area he could establish a secondary practice. Aurora seemed like the perfect place and the office has remained here ever since. The Thornhill office was consolidated to Aurora in 1991 and the office was expanded to accommodate a 2400 sq.ft. facility.


Our Lasting Purpose

  • Our Philosophy: Dr. Moore believes that there is an innate power that flows through everyone; it is the body’s inner wisdom. The body is transient, meaning it changes depending on the forces exerted on it, but the presence of innate is constant. By allowing innate to flow freely throughout the body one can create a state of total wellness in mind, body and spirit.
  • Our Values: We value everyone as an individual with individual needs. As such, each treatment program is designed around individual needs. We also highly value the trust and confidence our patients put in us by referring their friends and family.
  • Unique Factors: Dr. Moore’s advanced diagnostic skills and use of advanced diagnostic equipment allow him to find the true and exact cause of the problem. This enables him to create a treatment plan that will work not only in the short term but also in the long term. Dr. Moore is the only certified VAX-D spinal decompression consultant in Canada making him one of Canada’s specialists in non-surgical disc herniation repair.
  • Patient Relationship: We form a connection with our patients to allow them to be comfortable in the office. We try our best to ensure we listen to our patients and make changes to their programs as needed to ensure the best outcomes.

chiropractic adjusting table

  • To adjust as many families as possible in order to express and maintain their optimal health potential – naturally without drugs or surgery with the highest quality Chiropractic care and to exceed above and beyond your health expectations.
  • To educate our community that life and health comes from within and that the maintenance of health is far superior that the treatment of disease.
  • To bring greater harmony, balance and order – to minimize the detrimental effects of subluxation, so as to maximize life.

Our commitment to all of our patients is that they will experience exceptional service from the staff and Dr. Moore will perform an extremely thorough evaluation prior to beginning care. He will then explain your condition to your complete understanding, as well as provide a clear treatment plan and any associated fees prior to beginning care. We commit to be clear and sincere with all of our patients.

Our upbeat, and energetic staff all have a warm heart, a professional attitude and are efficient helping hands. They are all highly trained and interested in health and health care, and most of all they are caring and committed to our patients – they are here to assist you!

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