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Spinal Decompression in Aurora

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If you or a loved one suffers from chronic low back pain there’s a little-known treatment that’s safe, non-surgical, FDA-approved, and effective for well over 8 out of 10 patients. It’s called decompression therapy, it can end the stabbing, burning and shooting pain in your back and legs within a few short weeks.

If you’re like most patients I see today, you’ve suffered from back, hip, or leg pain for far too long-maybe decades. And you’ve tried virtually everything-bed rest, over-the-counter medications, prescription pain killers, physical rehab, injections, traction and maybe even surgery-and so far, nothing has worked. You’re still in pain. And some days, your life’s a living hell. And that’s not surprising since research shows that most pain-relieving tactics and procedures aren’t effective in treating chronic back pain at all-especially long term. So about three years ago I began to look for an alternative-something more effective, something less reliant on chemicals, and something safer and less invasive. In other words, something that really worked.

To my amazement, I found decompression therapy with the VAX-D system. Up until that time, I had never heard of it. I flew to Tampa, Florida and trained direct with Dr. Alan Dyer, the inventor of the VAX-D system. Beginning my own research, I soon became convinced that the VAX-D system was effective. I added the therapy to my own practice because up until I discovered VAX-D I may have had to refer a patient out if I could not resolve the problem with chiropractic care. This in all likelihood meant surgery for those patients.

person with back painMost back pain is caused by damage to the discs in the lower back (the cushions between the bones). This leads to sciatica, back pain, leg cramps, and a host of other symptoms. The problem has always been finding a way to treat discs without doing something invasive like surgery. Prior to decompression therapy there wasn’t a step between treatments like chiropractic, physical therapy, other noninvasive options and surgery. Now there is.

Unlike other structures in your body, discs don’t have a very good blood supply, so once they’re damaged they don’t heal very well. A disc gets its nutrition from the bones above and below it through a pumping motion that increases with movement. But once a disc is damaged or torn, it loses its ability to maintain hydration and becomes dry and brittle. This leads to further damage, inflammation, degeneration and more pain.

Anyone who has or is suffering with a low back problem knows first hand how disabling the pain can be. It quickly alters one’s life style by disrupting daily activities. As the pain pattern lingers, it wears you down by disrupting sleep making one irritable and unable to concentrate. Working productivity diminishes; social life quickly fades as well as participation in sports and other areas of interest. Life becomes a real chore specially when there is no relief in sight.

model of a spineThe big advantage of using the VAX-D (Vertebral Axial Decompression) machine is that it is a non-invasive treatment for bulged discs, herniated discs and degenerative disc disease and the VAX-D is designed to achieve decompression of the intervertebral disc. This is achieved by a computerized table with a pelvic harness that gently applies decompression to the lower spine, which would allow the herniated disc to be “sucked” back into position. I hope at this point, what I’ve said has made more sense then anything you have heard in the past. VAX-D is safe and effective without any of the risks associated with surgery, anesthesia or steroid injections.

There will always be some controversy as to the appropriateness of newer technologies for the treatment of chronic pain. Most health care practitioners unfortunately are slow to change. The many traditional procedures presently being utilized in the management of spinal pain and disability frequently focus treatment in an episodic manner with such modalities as medications for pain and inflammation, heat and cold, exercises, manipulation, physical therapy, bed rest, steroid injections and others. Despite these treatments, many patients have less then satisfactory results in the management of their chronic pain and despite the overwhelming statistics on the magnitude of the problem; the number of cases continues to grow.

By sharing the following experiences with you, it is my intent to educate those suffering similar type issues with an alternative approach to help resolve their low back pain.

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If you are in pain, don’t want surgery and are desperate for relief, please call Moore Chiropractic Group for a thorough consultation and examination to see if you are a VAX-D candidate. An MRI of your lumbar spine will be necessary and can be arranged through our office with an exam date within 48 hours.



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