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Innate Power with Chiropractic

Dr. Moore believes that there is an innate power that flows through everyone;
it is the body’s inner wisdom.

Body image

The body is transient, meaning it changes depending on the forces exerted on it, but the presence of innate is constant. By allowing innate to flow freely throughout the body one can create a state of total wellness in mind, body and spirit.

There is a war going on inside everyone between good and bad. The one that wins is the one you feed! Innate and spirit are the good and the educated part of us trained to focus on the negative. The internal battle is to quiet the opponent so that the master (innate) can run our life from above down, inside out.

Innate never makes a mistake but the body’s interpretation of that innate power can be misinterpreted if there is interference. Interference can come in many forms: Physical, chemical, emotional, spiritual, and mental to name just a few. Dr. Moore vehemently believes that his job is to remove that interference and allow the body to listen to the innate uninterrupted.

When innate is free flowing the world will see who you really are
– your authentic self!

On Subluxation – A message from Chiropractor in Aurora, Dr. Moore: Patients always ask me “how long is it going to take to fix me, what is involved and why should I never miss, or cancel my appointment?” My answer usually goes something like this… If you attended the Doctor’s Report, our in house lectures, read the newsletter and listened to the discussions in the clinic you have probably figured out that subluxations are bad – How could you not? There is information all over the clinic!

With this in mind, let’s tackle the issue of getting rid of these subluxations in your spine and why it is so important for you to maintain your schedule of care – even when you feel wonderful! One thing you need to understand is that once formed, a subluxation can be compared to a dental cavity – it really doesn’t clear up all by itself … and it usually festers, progresses, and gets worse until it becomes a nightmare.

Is it painful? Most often not and that is the problem! Most of the time, subluxations in your spine are not painful unless they have been caused by some sort of acute trauma – falling, improper strain, accident etc. The fact that most subluxations are not painful makes them difficult to detect by the average person. Only a chiropractor can tell you if you have on, just the same as only a dentist can tell you if you have a cavity starting.

So… what are the common causes of these subluxations? Well, the most common causes are usually long-term stresses , trauma, and habits and patterns your body has been forced to deal with.

Did I say habits? Yes I did! Habits. Patterns.

You see, a subluxation most often becomes a habit – and a bad one – that your body is unable to get rid of, so it slowly begins to adapt to having it, and as you know, subluxations affect how your nervous system transmits information. Slowly your nervous system begins to be affected – it has difficulty controlling your body and as a result, all you body functions slowly begin to deteriorate.

Not a good thing!!

What I am saying is that you’ve learned a really bad habit – without even being aware of it. Knowing this, let me ask you, “Have you ever has a habit you tried to get rid of?” Do you feel it is easy to get rid of a deeply learned habit? One that has become an integral part of you?


You are absolutely correct! As in any habit or deeply learned pattern, in order to get rid of one, we need to substitute it with another – a good one this time. We call this “normal”, and it is the very reason, I, as your Aurora chiropractor, will place patients on a schedule of care which may last weeks to sometimes even years.

The goal is to change the habit your body has learned. To correct your subluxation pattern. To wipe it out. To annihilate it. To show no mercy. To take no prisoners! To restore normal function to your nervous system so that it can, once again, control your body as it was meant to. That is my goal and my mission! Definitely not for the faint of heart!

Schedule of Care

For this reason, it is so important for you to maintain the schedule of care I have designed for you – we are building a foundation. Think of this: If you were to start removing the bricks from the foundation, what do you think would happen? A weak building? You bet!

You see, in my heart, I cannot allow you to weaken your foundation. It is the basis of your health, and it is the reason I am on your case – and always will be – when you miss or even reschedule your timed appointments with me.

So… please do not ever be annoyed that we call you when you’re off-schedule. We are simply reminding you of your commitment – and ours!

Call us here at Moore Chiropractic Group if you have any questions!

Thank you!
Dr. Moore

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